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Finding Great Maternity Clothes: Good Enough Stuff


By Erin Garner

Your belly is growing, your wardrobe is shrinking and you need an outfit to wear that is not your husband's. You could just buy bigger and bigger sizes, but what's the fun in wearing clothes that fit your belly, but nothing else? You've got nine months of changes ahead and your wardrobe will be one of those changes. Here are some suggestions on where to shop for maternity.

Chain stores you can rely on:

A Pea in the Pod is a great place for up-scale maternity clothes. They have everything from t-shirts to party dresses. Bring your wallet (and make sure it's full). Their clothes are expensive, but worth it (if you can manage the price). I've received several things from this store as gifts and they were the clothes I felt best in. They fit well and wear well and could last you through several pregnancies.

Motherhood Maternity has a wide selection of maternity clothes for every budget. I purchased the majority of my maternity clothes at Motherhood with my first pregnancy. I was able to buy a lot for a little. The only downside is that these clothes didn't last much longer than one pregnancy. When I pulled out the bag of maternity clothes for round two, I noticed torn seams and worn edges. But, I was able to replenish the basics without breaking the bank.

Old Navy has adorable maternity clothes that are fashionable and affordable, but inventory is spotty. I shopped there several times, but was disappointed with the lack of supply. They had a lot of size extra-small and extra-extra-large, but not a lot in the middle. The few things I was able to find in my size were great. An employee told me their maternity clothes sell so well they have difficulty maintaining their supply. I still think it's worth a try - if they have your size, you'll be happy. I especially like their jeans.

One-of-a-kind stores:
Expecting Über Baby, located on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis, was formerly a small section of Über Baby (a baby store), but is now a full-fledged maternity clothing store. They have very fashionable clothes that you are not likely to find at other stores. The prices are high, but if you're looking for something unique, this is a good place to start.

Hot Mama, located in Maple Grove and Edina, has clothes for when you're pregnant and when you're not. If high-fashion is what you're after, this is the place for you. They have an especially nice selection of tops, but they're not inexpensive. I only purchased a few things here, but would have purchased more if my budget had allowed it. I had a problem with a pair of jeans I purchased at Hot Mama and they exchanged them no questions asked and were very friendly about the whole deal. I especially love how kid-friendly Hot Mama is. They even have large dressing rooms stocked with toys!

Online shopping:
Baby Style (www.babystyle.com) has a large selection and is a favorite of several of my friends. They have a good selection of basics and a few fashion items. They have a 30-day return policy - an essential when it comes to online shopping.

Due Maternity (www.duematernity.com) has lots of designer maternity clothes, similar to what you would expect in a boutique. They also have a fun selection of novelty tees. Most of their clothes are expensive, but if something doesn't work out, they accept returns.

Erin Erickson Garner is a writer and a specialist in maternal and child health. She currently is home with her two young children except for Saturdays, when she and her mom co-host the Good Enough MomsTM radio show on WFMP-Radio, FM107.1 in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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