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10 Easy Steps to Organize Your Clothes Closet

By Theresa Frasch

The clothes closet is one of the fastest places in our households to get cluttered. It's so easy to stick something that you don't know what to do with in the closet. After all it's out of the way and keeping some other part of your house from becoming cluttered. The clothes closet also becomes a storage area for clothing and accessories that are outdated, ripped, or stained. It is a holding place for clothes that might come back into style, accessories that were bargain but we don't really like, and things that cost us a fortune but that we'll never wear again because we don't like them, don't fit into them, or don't lead that kind of life anymore.

Cleaning out a clothes closet can hurt. It's hard to throw away stuff that is still good, stuff that cost us a lot of money. But it has to be done. So think ahead to how good it will feel to have a closet filled with all of the things you like. Think ahead to how good it will feel to see everything in your closet. Think how nice it will feel to look in your closet and not feel guilty about all those things you have but can't wear anymore. Be ruthless, have fun and organize your closet!

1. Begin by getting the proper supplies: plenty of hangers, an expandable shoe rack, belt hook, tie rack, a closet doubler (another hanging clothes rod that hangs from your current one) or pants and skirts hangers (the kind that hold multiple pairs). I prefer the closet doubler; I find it more convenient to see and get to the clothes I want.
2. Remove everything (yes, everything!) from your closet. As you remove items place them in one of five piles: KEEP, REPAIR, GIVE AWAY, THROW AWAY, MOVE.
3. The KEEP pile should be things that belong in your closet that meet these criterions: they fit you now, you like the way you look in them now and they are in style now. This includes all clothes, shoes, hats, belts, ties, etc. If you are not sure it fits, try it on now. Your KEEP pile should include the clothes you love to wear and the clothes that make you feel good when you wear them. It should include your special occasion wardrobe, too, as long as it meets the above criterion.
4. The REPAIR pile is for those items you want to keep but need a repair. If you are sure you will wear them once they are repaired, take them to your local dry cleaner or alterations shop and have them repaired. If you can (and want) to do the work yourself, gather the repair items, put them in your repair center and give yourself two weeks to repair them. If you haven't gotten around to them by then, gather up the clothing and donate it.
5. The GIVE AWAY pile should be the articles of clothing (or other items that found their way into your closet) that don't meet the above criterion but that are in good shape. Put these articles in a box or bag and put them in the trunk of your car now. At your earliest convenience take them to your local charity. Remember to get a receipt for tax purposes.
6. The THROW AWAY pile is for all of those things that no longer serve any useful purpose. This includes items that are ripped or stained. Bag those items up and put them out with your household trash now.
7. The MOVE pile is for those items that don't belong in your closet. Take the time now to put those items where they belong. If there is no room to put a particular item away, make note of the area and put it on your list of places to declutter. Stuff it in there for now or put it in the garage, but don't put it back in your closet.
8. Now you are ready to put all of the things you want to keep back in your closet. Sort out your KEEP pile into types of clothing. Separate your slacks, your shirts or blouses, your jackets, suits, etc.
9. Start with one type and hang each item neatly on a hanger, facing all items and hangers the same direction. If you share a closet with someone, keep your clothing separate.
10. When you are finished with the hanging portion, put your shoes on your shoe rack, your ties on the tie rack, your belts on the belt hook. Once again, if you share a closet keep your items separate. If you have some odds and ends that need a home in your closet, consider buying some inexpensive organizing containers to store them. Many people are finding that an over-the-door pocket shoe holder is great for odds and ends and accessories. You can see through the pockets and the items are easily accessible.

Wow! You did it. Doesn't it feel good? Stand back and look at your closet and give yourself a pat on the back. Invite your friends over to see all of your hard work. Celebrate by treating yourself to something special. You deserve it.

Theresa Frasch has lots of tips to help you get Organized 4 Success. Theresa combines her expertise, compassion, creativity, and sense of humor to help you help master the troublesome areas in your life so that you will have more time available for the more important and enjoyable things in your life--friends, family and yourself.

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