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The Super Helper: Your Mature Toddler, 23 - 32 Months


"The world is me," says your toddler.

You will spend more time listening. It takes a lot of time for toddlers to share all the wonderful things they are discovering. Your older toddler is still busy but will spend longer amounts of time playing at one thing. Your toddler has explored the world with eyes, mouth, hands, and legs; now comes exploring by thinking. Here are some fun things to try:

  • Learn about colors: sort blocks, socks, clothes by color, saying the color word many times.
  • Show your toddler different uses for the same thing: dig with a spoon, eat with a spoon.
  • Make stories longer, and try different books more often.
  • Knob puzzles with 1-5 pieces are fun, but so is dropping buttons or dry macaroni into small plastic bottles.
  • Your toddler is using short sentences like, "my shirt, mommy eat, want now," and, of course, knows the name of everyone in the family.
  • Finger painting and fat crayons are treats and good learning tools.
  • Make everything an adventure; your toddler loves enthusiasm.
  • Do exercises together, with or without TV help.
  • Begin to tell your toddler about plans for the day, such as shopping and doctors' visits, before you go.
  • Your toddler thinks chores are a game. Enjoy it and praise lavishly when your toddler picks up toys, puts clothes in the basket, or puts things in the trash for you.
  • Make faces in the mirror together and describe how the two of you look.
  • Roll big balls while sitting on the floor.
  • Explore with hands: half fill a dishpan with beans, rice or snow and practice shoveling, pouring, dumping and funneling.

It's never too early to read with your child...
Board books --
At the Playground by Ann Rockwell
Patrick and His Grandpa by Geoffrey Hayes
Taryn Goes to the Dentist by Jill Krementz
Zoo Animals by Valerie Greeley
Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin, Jr.
Is It Red, Is It Yellow? by Tana Hoban
Sam Who Never Forgets by Eve Rice
Singing Bee! A Collection of Favorite Children's Songs compiled by Jane Hart
10, 9, 8 by Molly Bang

The paper version of this child development calendar has been published and distributed to schools and hospitals (for new moms) throughout the state by the Vermont-National Education Association.Stephanie Keitel of the Vermont Speech, Language and Hearing Association wrote the calendar. Sharon Damkot of the Vermont Educational Media Association compiled the book lists. Vermont-NEA Communications Director Laurie Huse edited the project.

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