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"I'm With The Band" Instruments

Make one or an entire band of these fun instruments to share with Family and Friends or just parade on a rainy day!

"Shake It Up Baby" Maracas

You Will Need:

• 2 - empty, cleaned (rinsed and labels removed) and dried plastic juice bottles of the same size with lids
• uncooked rice or beans
• Decorating stuff - felt/fabric scraps, yarn, sequins, feathers, etc.
• Elmer's or Tacky brand glue
• Colored Duct Tape
• scissors

STEP 1 - Start by removing the lids from the juice bottles, then decorate your bottles with felt, yarn .... Any way you like using glue to apply. Let these dry.

STEP 2 - Put about 2 tablespoons of rice or beans into each decorated bottle and close it tightly with the lid.

STEP 3 - Use a piece of colored duct tape around the lids to secure

Now your ready to Shake, Shake, Shake ....... Shake It Up Baby!

Smooth Move Sand Blocks

You Will Need:

• 2 - empty clean and dry juice boxes (or other small box)
• Sand Paper - rough
• Tacky Glue
• Tempera Paints
• Brushes

Cover the work surface with old newspaper before starting.

STEP 1 - Paint the empty boxes using tempera paints - you can use any color(s) and designs that you like. Let Dry.

STEP 2 - Cut Sand Paper so that a piece can be wrapped around the juice box. Glue the sand paper onto the box using Tacky Brand glue. Let Dry.

STEP 3 - Repeat so that both boxes are covered and decorated.

Now rub the boxes together to make smooth rhythm sounds - cool!

*** HINT - try different grains of sandpaper and listen to the different sound created.

Cool Rhythms Drums

You Will Need:

• Empty Oatmeal Container (Old Fashioned Oats), Shoe Box or Gallon Ice Cream Container (Cleaned and dry)
• Tacky Glue
• Items for decorating - washable tempera paints, rickrack, feathers, colored paper or fabric scraps, buttons, etc.
• Scissors

STEP 1 - Remove the cover of whatever empty box or container you will be using for your drum. Turn the container over so that the bottom is facing up and the open end is facing down.

STEP 2 - Decorate the sides of the container using paints, Tacky glue, feathers, papers, etc. Let Dry.

Now using your hands or spoons beat out a jammin' rhythm on your one of a kind Cool Rhythms Drum!

Ring - A - Ding Tambourines

You Will Need:

• A firm paper plate - Chinette Plates work great
• Several (jingle) Bells - you can pick these up at local craft stores
• Pipe cleaners
• Scissor
• A large nail (and an adult to help with it's use)
• Markers or paints

STEP 1 - Decorate the bottom side of the thick paper plate using markers or paints. Let dry.

STEP 2 - With an adult's help, use a large nail to poke several holes around the edge of the decorated plate.

STEP 3 - Cut a pipe cleaner into 3 inch pieces. Cut enough pipe cleaners as there are bells and holes in the plate.

STEP 4 - Insert the pipe cleaner into the hole, slide a bell onto the pipe cleaner and twist the pipe cleaner closed securing the bell. Repeat this until all of the bells have been attached.

Now shake-rattle and tap your way to great tambourine fun!

Koo- Koo Kazoo

You Will Need:

• A toilet paper roll
• A 4X4 inch square of wax paper
• A rubber band
• Colored paper, colored duct tape or other materials to decorate
• Tacky Glue
• Masking Tape

STEP 1 - Place the wax paper on one end of the tube and wrap it around the tube. Secure with a rubber band or masking tape.

STEP 2 - Decorate the toilet paper roll using whatever materials you like. Colored duct or masking tape is an easy fun way to decorate simply by wrapping the tape around the tube.

Now you are ready to play.... Place your mouth on the open end of the tube and hummmmmm your way to kazoo musical magic!

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