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MomTalk Radio



Holding the world together, one child at a time

Started in March 2005, MommyCast.com has been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, Washingtonian Magazine, BusinessWeek, Variety magazines and the USA Today.

Paige and Gretchen of MommyCast.com have also been interviewed by CNN, NBC, the BBC, Brandweek and the Wall Street Journal.

MommyCast.com holds the distinction of being one of the first independent podcasts to land a major corporate sponsorship, which came via Dixie Paper Co. They have also established themselves as a member of the Buena Vista Entertainment Press Corps and are sponsored by Walt Disney Studios for family fare DVD movie releases.

MommyCast.com was the first podcast to do an enhanced podcast review of a movie, March of the Penguins, released by Warner Independent Pictures. MommyCast.com is produced by KDCP, LLC.

MommyCast Show #290: When Does Childhood End?
Puberty is a milestone, no doubt. But is this really when childhood ends? A report from ABCNews says that according to surveys recently taken in Britain, 11 is it! Paige and I discuss this in reference to our recent interview with Bob Compton, Executive Producer of 2 Million Minutes (see show #289). Where is this all heading? Our song is All This Time by Rebecca Loebe. This show is brought to you by FullTerm. Thanks to Dixie for sponsoring our show!


MommyCast Show #289: Addicted to Motherhood
There are many reasons for women to want to have large families. But, could one of those reasons be an addiction? In a recent report from ABCNews.com, doctors explain that some women continue to have babies because they are actually addicted to motherhood! Then, Paige and I share some great comments from the MommyCast Facebook Group. (Have you joined yet?) Our song is Symmetry by Edwin Derricut. This show is brought to you by FullTerm. Thanks to Dixie for sponsoring our show!

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Family Matters Radio


Get real with Family Matters Radio! Real friends, Caroline and Jacquie, talk about the real world of parenting and beyond with nationally known guests including bestselling authors, celebrities and newsmakers. It's fun and informative conversation that is available whenever and however you need it- just like a real friend.

Listen using their feed or hear older episodes.

An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love
If you had one hour to live, what would you do, and who would you call? What would you say? And why are you waiting? We talk with Kristine Carlson, wife of Don't Sweat the Small Stuff author Richard Carlson, about her husband's sudden death and about the importance of treasuring each day as the incredible gift that it is.

Part One
Part Two

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The Satellite Sisters


The Satellite Sisters are five real sisters: Julie, Liz, Sheila, Monica and Lian Dolan. After growing up in the same Connecticut house with two parents, three brothers and one black lab, they went off to lead very different adult lives, only to come back together in their 30's and 40's to create The Satellite Sisters. The Dolan sisters have been married, single and divorced. They have older kids, little kids and no kids. They have worked as teachers and nurses, Fortune 500 business leaders and major university admissions directors, school auction chairwomen and team moms. They are news junkies, People Magazine subscribers and lovers of great books. They have lived in big cites and small towns, in America and abroad. It is these lives and experiences and knowledge and opinions that the Satellite Sisters bring to their radio conversations every day from their posts in three very different cities.

News. Talk. Laughs. The Satellite Sisters tackle the world one cup of coffee at a time.

Find a listing of all their podcasts here.

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Chickonomics Chat


This is THE podcast for WOMEN! We cover all types of topics for all types of women!

On every show Lisa Orrell, Chief Chick of Chickonomics, interviews interesting women (and occasionally guys) about topics as they relate to chicks, such as: Business, marketing, health/fitness, fashion, family/parenting, lifestyle, sex, food, politics, women's issues domestic and global, entertainment, and much more!

Lisa also interviews chicks who are just plain interesting and/or that are doing some amazing things to impact society.

Lisa Orrell, Chief Chick of Chickonomics, is a dynamic speaker and author who inspires, educates and motivates women to get what they want out of life; personally and professionally.

Click here to get your own player.

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Manic Mommies


Erin and Kristin, the Manic Mommies are working moms, juggling kids, careers, husbands, and households. Join us as we try not to lose our minds...or our senses of humor. Working moms everywhere will hear themselves in the voices of Erin and Kristin, creators and hosts of Manic Mommies, the weekly podcast for moms trying to do it all!

Friends, neighbors, and communications professionals, Erin Kane and Kristin Brandt are thirty-something moms juggling careers, children, husbands, and housework...and trying not to loose their minds! Living in the same suburban Boston neighborhood, the two moms first met on a beautiful Spring day in 2004, when Kristin walked up Erin's sidewalk and simply introduced herself. After countless Saturday play dates for their toddlers, the women realized they had built an important support group for working moms. Problem was, they were the only two in it!

What started on a whim one Saturday morning has quickly become an online destination for women balancing deadlines, diaper duty, and day care. The centerpiece of this community is the weekly Manic Mommies podcast, which is recorded in either Erin or Kristin's living room on a Macintosh PowerBook using the software program GarageBand. Lighthearted and funny, Manic Mommies is a weekly ritual for listeners. One listener commented: "I like that Kristin and Erin are two moms just like me--they deal with the same issues that I deal with on a regular basis. Their conversations are just like the ones I have with my friends. Listening to their podcast is like dropping in on some friends for 40 mins."

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Motherhood Uncensored

Visit MotherhoodUncensored.

Kristen Chase, a former musician and college professor now pilot widow and stay-at-home-parent, talks about all things mom (and not-so-mom) in this bi-monthly podcast featuring your favorite bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, and all-around cool people. Her no-more-mrs.-nice-mom take on motherhood is not for the faint of heart.

Weak bladders, however, are welcome.

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Hello you wonderful mamas-to-be. Welcome to PregTASTIC! A website and weekly podcast series by and for pregnant women. It's casual, informative and fun! Our weekly guests include, Lactation Specialists, Doulas, Pre and Postnatal Fitness Experts, Pediatricians, Massage Therapists, Family Financial Counselors and more. Hosted by real pregnant women with the same joys, concerns and swollen feet as our listeners!

PregTASTIC Picnic and Chit Chat
Hosts: Patti, Steph, and Leyna

How much is too much? When should you stop talking about your pregnancy? Belly Button woes, Steph 's shower, vivid dreams, storing sleep, storing sex, clothing ideas and more. Plus, your chance to win I'm Pregnant Now What Do I Eat?
Listen here

Amy's Birthing Story
Hosts: Patti, Jill, Steph, and Leyna

Birth at 42 weeks... Amy, former podcaster, shares her birthing story. Did she use HypnoBirthing and how long did she labor at home? Her doula's role, a teary husband, breastfeeding ups and downs and a HUGE surprise! Plus, no joking around at 2am.
Listen here

PregTASTIC, Episode #68 - Cesareans, VBAC, Inductions
Hosts: Patti, Maritza, Lisa, Amy and Angela
Guests: Jerri Ryan a licensed midwife, Doula, Lactation Educator and founder of Birth Resource Network

1 in 3 pregnant women will have a cesarean. What is VBAC? Double sewing? Low transverse incision? What is the recovery time? What tests can be done to determine weather or not you should have a VBAC delivery? Who is a good candidate for a VBAC? Plus, podcaster Angela at 41 weeks, has some questions about inductions. Jerri Ryan answers these questions and talks about the importance of a "love break".
betterspeaker.jpgListen now.

Episode #43 - Genetic Counseling
Guests: Jason Chibuk, Lead Genetic Counselor, UCSD Medical Center

Genetic counseling is a service to help individuals and families translate scientific knowledge into practical information. What is genetic testing? Who should see a genetic counselor? What are the most common abnormalities found in genetic testing? Jason Chibuk, lead Genetic Counselor at UCSD Medical Center, is here to talk about how a session with a genetic counselor can help you understand possible risks that run in your family.

betterspeaker.jpgListen now.

Episode #41 - Trying-Trimester
Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, this week PregTASTIC Preggie Group will talk about the Trying-Trimester; was your pregnancy a surprise? Did it happen as planned? Did you try, what felt like, forever? + Pregnancy books, best websites and some prenatal vitamin ideas.
betterspeaker.jpg Listen

Episode #36 - Babymobile + New vs. Used Gear
Juniper's two-seater is keeping her up at night. Janette is getting some advice from her students. Anna's back is in pain due to her overbooking problem and Faith needs a re-test.

No guests this week just fun chit chat, info and smart ideas about baby gear. What to buy new and what can be handed down from friends or bought on Craig's list. Plus our weekly 2ups and 2downs, and this week's pregnancy quote.
betterspeaker.jpgListen here

Episode #29 - Keeping Family Harmony
Tara is a little lonely without her hubby around and Faith needs some breath mints in bed. Michelene's x-mas shopping won't get in the way and Juniper's no news is good news.

Hosts: Faith, Michelene, Juniper, and Tara
Guests: Greg LaDue, M.S., MFT
As your family grows the dynamics change. A baby on the way, siblings, parents, in-laws, everyone giving advice about how to have your baby and how to be the best parent. Mr. Greg LaDue, a licensed marriage and family therapist, talks about finding identities, setting boundaries, finding balance and engaging with one another. Plus, some tips for keeping your relationship with your partner healthy and new sources for self esteem.

betterspeaker.jpgListen here

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